Hyperface is a dream and our team gives wings to that dream!  

Everyday we bash and mash our heads and keyboards together thinking of innovations and bringing those innovative ideas to life. To us, serious work does feel like a game most of the time as we solve problems and figure out business puzzles everyday. 

And I’m not even exaggerating. 

But once our team size touched 30+,  we knew it was time to work on our games seriously now.  

So we had to Get, Set, Go! 

We packed our bags and went on a road trip to Chikmagalur. It was time for our first offsite #GECKO22.

We spent Day 1 in TT shots, swimming pool and playing games. The evening was dedicated for team bonding by the bon-fire and to have a few drinks. It was inevitable as our team works from different parts of the country. Geographically, we work all over the map. The team had fun getting to know each other. 

Our CEO Ram, was in his element making everyone play a mythical game which had everyone guessing random numbers, a most recommended one for ice breaking! Yes, he might be the tech visionary of India, but it was fun to explore his fun side! 

On Day 2,  we sat down for some serious business. We started the session with Mr. Pranav Pai, Managing partner 3one4 (Our lead investor) telling us why he believes in the India story and in team Hyperface. We felt it was essential for the team to hear from him and we were absolutely right. I felt as if it embarked a different sense of business in my team. After this illuminating session with some fantastic statistics and intriguing insights, it was time for fun of a different kind. 

We got divided into teams and sat down to create some co-branded credit cards. YES, that’s what we do! Even for fun! 

We had a saffron version of a co-branded credit card to a fun cricket team version (free tickets on crossing annual spends at home ground). It was amazing to see such exciting ideas put forth by the team. It was also a great sight to see our Sales team talking tech and tech team pitching ideas. Who said they can’t do everything? Definitely not us! Meanwhile, the product team seemed to be very busy noting down all new ideas to go into our roadmap. Hey, why waste a free brainstorming session? 

The winning team presented a super cool card for a super cool campus (no we are not telling you who they are, but watch this space for more updates!)

We spent the next session on another fun activity – building the next cool feature for Hyperface. From cross sell as a service to intelligent analytics, there was no dearth of ideas here as well. The winning idea however was a simple swipe feature to confirm second factor authentication. We know what you’re thinking, wait till you know more. 

The event was so well managed thanks to our admin team and there were a lot of heavy hearts when the time came to leave. We set some serious goals to be delivered before the next outing and the team was in elevated spirits. We were immensely appreciative of #GECKO22 as we accomplished our mission.

Want to be part of all this fun? 

We have open roles across the board! 

Apply now or write to us at hello@hyperface.co