Meet Pratik Kumar from the Hyperface engineering team, who drives essential DevOps, Infra, Security, Compliance and Automation projects, a multitasker in the true sense!

With his tremendous knowledge of infra, security and automation, Pratik manages multiple tasks calmly and brings method in the madness. His fantastic sense of humour in explaining problems is one of his key strengths and makes him a popular face at Hyperface.

We spoke to Pratik Kumar to understand how he orchestrates so many complexities in a fast-paced environment at Hyperface. We also learned a few interesting things about him along the way.

  1. What’s the most exciting part of your job?
    Solving real-life tech issues that do not have an answer one google search away

  2. Can you describe your journey so far at Hyperface?
    My journey at Hyperface has been Dynamic and Exciting! I joined as DevOps, worked on infosec, security, audits, compliance, and IT admin. Deciding what monitor to buy and what food to order for the pantry, I did it all.

  3. What inspires you the most about working at Hyperface?
    Getting to work so closely with the business, where you know what impact each of your decisions will have, and hence designing solutions not based on what is a good fit for the time being, but what is best for the requirement as a whole.

  4. What is your main work mantra?
    Be part of every conversation in the company; it’s better to see a misstep in the solution planning process in the initial few steps rather than when you have walked the idea to the implementation phase. And as a member that has a different approach than the core developers, you see things differently.

  5. What is something you do for fun at work, especially at Hyperface?
    Chilling out with colleagues after office hours, being more friends with everyone than official acquaintances. Also, I like to read and click photos during my free time.

  6. Where will we find you on a typical weekend?
    You’ll find me watching an anime or web series. I sometimes cook on weekends which generally takes more than half a day to prepare, cook and serve. Another likely scenario is that you’ll find me chilling with buddies at a friend’s place.

  7. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    As a child, I wanted to be a Doctor. Although I became an engineer, I prefer diagnosing problems in detail and solving them like a doctor!

  8. What movie can you watch over and over again?
    I would watch one of my favourite comedy Bollywood flicks from childhood like “Hera Pheri, Malamaal Weekly, Dhamaal, and many more! Apart from Bollywood, I am a Potterhead and would watch any Harry Potter movie again. I have also watched Interstellar about half a dozen times because of the fantastic science fiction screenplay.

  9. If all Superheroes fight each other, which Superhero will be the winner?
    My favourite, The HULK, would be the winner!

  10. If you could only pick three foods for a month, which foods would you eat?
    Rice, Dal and Dum Aloo. Occasionally, burgers too.

  11. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
    Never had a pet, so I don’t know, but I will probably be a bird person.

  12. What is your favourite meme/joke on Devops?

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