Bhanu Kumar has been working in Hyperface for the last one and a half years as a software engineer and has been driving cutting-edge solutions for our bank partners. Bhanu is driven by collaboration and tremendous learning opportunities at work. He learns different data structures and algorithms in his free time and regularly participates in leetcode contests. 

Bhanu’s deep understanding of challenges and opportunities associated with credit card technology enables him to contribute significantly to the company’s success. Kudos Bhanu!

Let’s have a quick chat with Bhanu and learn more about him.

1. What’s the most exciting part of your job?
The most exciting part of being a software engineer in a startup is the opportunity to create everything from scratch and bring that into daily life so that it will make an impact on people’s life. As a software developer, it gives me tremendous joy to see things work seamlessly in the way we have built.

2. Can you describe your journey so far at Hyperface?
Working at Hyperface has been a great experience, and I’ve contributed to developing various projects. My fellow engineers are very supportive, and I’m part of a team making a real impact.

3. What inspires you the most about working at Hyperface?
At Hyperface, I’m inspired by the company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Our team constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, and I’m continually learning and growing as an engineer. The opportunity to work with such talented and motivated colleagues is also a huge source of inspiration.

4. What is your primary work mantra?
My main work mantra is to never stop learning, work hard, always give your 100%, and never think about the result because good things take time.

5. What is something you do for fun at work, especially at Hyperface?
I enjoy taking breaks, going for a short walk and eating out with friends. It helps me clear my mind and return to my work feeling refreshed.

6. Where will we find you on a typical weekend?
I love going out with my friends on weekends; you can find me in movie theatres, walking in parks or shopping. If you don’t see me there, you can find me in my PG 🙂

7. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was a child, engineering wasn’t in my mind. But I wanted to do a lot of professions, and I wanted to become a teacher and, sometimes, a doctor or police officer 🙂
And now, here I am, solving complex tech challenges!

8. What movie can you watch over and over again?
I have a lot of favourite movies. My favourites are M.S. Dhoni, Jersey, Raja Rani, RRR and many other Indian films.

9. If all Superheroes fight each other, which Superhero will be the winner?
I haven’t watched a lot of superhero movies till now. If you had asked me from Bahubali, I would’ve chosen Bhallaladeva.

10. If you could only pick three foods for a month, which foods would you eat?
Biryani, Chicken and drumstick curry with rice!

11. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
I love the animation series Kid vs Kat; however, I love the film Inspector Gadget more. Hence, does that mean I’m a dog person? Yes!

12. What is your favourite meme/joke on software?